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We are trained professionals and have the paper work to back it up. 

licenese: UNIVERSAL  000382802

     I, Shane Pi'ilani am Hawaiian, hence the Hawaiian business name. Ohana means "Family" in Hawaiian. We want our customers to know we care about them. We always lead with the friends and family prices. Ohana is a serious matter to a Hawaiian. So we take our care over this business and over our customers as serious too.

    Our technicians are all drug tested and trained techs. We don't skimp on Quality! 

     We aren't trying to get rich on every job. We want the same thing that everyone else wants. That is to be successful and provide for our Ohana "families". That's also why we guarantee that with the quality of work you will get from us coupled with our price point, we will by far be the best option. We appreciate any and all business we get, and we show it. 

        From my Ohana to yours.... Thank you!

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